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50 Ship was started by two entrepreneurs in Dallas, Texas. After running an e-commerce business that shipped over 50,000 packages around the US, we got tired of sending so much of our profit to FedEx and UPS.

We've used the SaverBox system for over two years now and cut our shipping costs by over 50%. We're so excited to bring this system to other entrepreneurs, like you. We love the idea that we can help others keep more of their own money, for themselves, their families, and the important causes in their lives.

We are thrilled to be part of a movement called Good Returns that solves our world's biggest problems.

50 Ship's owners send the company's dividends to Good Returns each year. Good Returns insures them, sends them around the world to sustainable organizations that serve humanity with them, and then return them to us. After the year is up we take our earnings home. That means every customer, every employee, and every supporter of our business is changing the world just by doing business with us.

You can be a Good Returns company too - anyone can do it! It costs almost nothing and it's great for business and for the heart. See what Good Returns is up to at goodreturns.org . Tell them 50 Ship sent you.